Furniture in Nepal – 2019 Ultimate guide

With the soaring construction of buildings and houses in Kathmandu, it is imminent that the furniture market in Nepal is growing at the same pace, and is expected to skyrocket in the future. With the emerging market, there is a sizable and growing list of furniture manufacturers in Kathmandu, let alone in entire Nepal. We will provide the best online solution that solves not just your furniture needs, but all your furniture needs – sofa sets, cabinets, beds, office tables, rotating chairs, curtains, wallpaper, paint, ceiling and flooring solutions etc. Read on to know where and how to buy your furniture.

Furniture buying tips in Nepal. How to see if the furniture is durable and will last a lifetime?

If this is your first time shopping for furniture and you are not sure what to look for in a furniture. Do not worry, we have your back. The video below covers the basics of what to look for while choosing a furniture product so you do not have any more stress than you need to.

I like how this video is thorough in explaining what you need to do. Our staff will be available on site to help out with all additional queries you might have.

Can I trust Nepalese online furniture stores for durable furniture with warranty?

To provide the assistance to furniture seekers to find the best furniture from the comfort of their living rooms or offices, we at funfurnish, have taken an initiative to gather the largest furniture manufacturers in the country like Bira furniture, Shaan furniture and more to provide the following benefits to our visitors.

  • Competitive pricing 
  • Wide range to choose from under one roof
  • Complete furnishing solutions, not just wooden furniture
  • Compare furniture side by side to make the best decision
  • Discounts on occasions without bargaining for them.

Can you try and test out the furniture before buying? 

Customer testing furniture in showroom

Of course! We wouldn’t recommend any other way. You can visit our outlet and try out the furniture you like to your heart’s content. Once you are fully satisfied with the product, you can order it there, and we can deliver to the mentioned address. 

What’s more, you can get a good warranty for the product so that you can enjoy a sound sleep while we cover the warranty for your furniture.

How to get the best of Nepal’s furniture market.

If you have bought or tried to purchase a furniture or furnishing products in Nepal before, I am sure you have gone through what everyone else does. You will have to beat the heat or dusty roads of Kathmandu scouring from store to store hoping to find the furniture that suits your needs. 

What do you get in funfurnish? Best brands in the same place so you can compare them in real time and find the best furniture for your space.

To get the best of Nepal’s furniture market without the hassle of the streets, you need to log into funfurnish website. You can not only get the best furniture options at the same place, you can also get the best offers in the market in a single location. 

You can compare the products, add to wishlist for later returns, browse the products by categories before trying them out in our outlet. Once you have tried, trialed and tested your product in the showroom, you can order the product and we can deliver the furniture in Kathmandu, or other places in Nepal. The delivery cost can be discussed at the showroom. Don’t worry, we’ll make the best deal for you. 

You can also get the latest offers throughout the year. See the latest offers that has to offer here.

Types of wood you need to know while buying wooden furniture in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Plywood / Partical board/ MDF board/ Pine wood/ Sisham/ Steambeach/ Rubberwood/ Teak wood. 

This is a big topic in itself. This will be covered in the coming post that explains each type of wooden material for furniture in detail. Click here. 

Nepal’s furniture price difference in showroom and hiring a carpenter?

How many times have you heard the lines – “The furniture stores in Nepal and elsewhere charge way too much. It is better to hire a carpenter”

We beg to differ. With the rising price for a carpenter per day in Kathmandu, you will have no other option but to compromise quality and durability to reduce the number of days taken to create beautiful furniture for your space.  

Ultimately, the furniture made manually will lack the finished product that heavy corporate machinery can produce. The same goes for the price. With the capacity of the machinery to produce strong furniture at a much quicker rate with high quality, ultimately, the products will be of much more consistent in terms of quality at a much lower price. 

What’s more, you will even have the warranty of the manufacturer so you can enjoy sound sleep not worrying if your furniture will break down when you have guests over. 

Nepalese furniture manufacturers Vs Indian or Chinese brands – which gives the best price value?

The Nepali manufacturers have built a reputation for strength and durability but are generally lacking in the design department. However, there are emerging brands in Nepal that boast of the latest technology in machinery that more than match the design capabilities of foreign counterparts, but still have the durability and strength of a typical Nepali furniture.

The largest advantage a Nepali furniture brand has over imported furniture is the repair capabilities and after sales service. 

All foreign furniture brands imported in Nepal are not the same. The question of better or worse largely depends upon the brand and their after sales service. If the brands provide long term after sales service to their customers, they can solve a lot of problems of a typical furniture buyer. 

Carpenter furniture nepal

Some imports have a warranty on their products but are not able to provide repairing services which forces the buyers to exchange or buy new furniture only in a few years time. 

There are different brands of furniture imported to Nepal from other countries including India, China, Denmark etc. It is pretty obvious that all imports are not of the same quality nor the same price. Likewise, the same can be said of the Nepali furniture produce. Some brands are built to last a lifetime, while other manufacturers have cheapness in mind while choosing the materials used to build the product. The result – a lot of choices in design and types of furniture available in the Nepali furniture market with prices that may deceive buyers into buying the wrong product at high prices. 

How does funfurnish achieve consistency in quality for furniture buyers in Nepal?

Funfurnish brings a bit of consistency in the market by proving the furniture buyers in Kathmandu with only high quality furniture that they can rely upon. In that way, buyers only have to worry about the best design that speaks volumes and suites their personality and their lifestyle. 

Why is there a huge difference in price of Sofa in Nepal? What can I trust?

A sofa set is a household necessity. That said, it has a huge market in any country around the world. Nepal is no different, and hence has a wide range of manufacturers that result in a variety of prices and qualities. 

That leaves buyers with an all important question. How can I know I am not paying a higher price for a Sofa set than it is worth? Well, it is not that simple. 

The price of a sofa depends largely upon the materials used and the making charge of the skilled hands used during manufacturing. The buyers need to order a sofa from a trusted manufacturer as it is almost impossible to determine the quality by simply looking at the sofa in a showroom. 

At funfurnish, we provide a range of designs for only high quality sofa sets which we can vouch for. That means, amongst all the Nepalese made sofa sets of different prices, we only upload and provide the ones that we know will be strong and durable. Also, we will provide repair and after sales services so you can jump, run, dive and sleep on the sofa you purchased. And no, we’re not joking. 

Can I get custom made furniture in Kathmandu, Nepal for my space. 

  • We can provide the best quality furniture for the most competitive prices In Kathmandu, Nepal. 
  • We back that up with the best range of warranty and after sales service in the country. 
  • All you need to do is reach out using a small form by clicking below

I already have a tables and space setup. I just need chairs for my office in Nepal. 

One of the first things that funfurnish looked to help the visitors with a wide variety of office chairs in Nepal. 

There is a huge variety in prices as well as quality of Chinese and Indian office chairs in Kathmandu. Unable to choose which rotating office chairs, employee chairs, visitor chairs or executive or boss chairs? Don’t worry, we have an ultimate chair buying guide at funfurnish here.
And we have a full range of chairs of all ranges at funfurnish that you can choose from. 

Click here to see our guide to buying office chairs in Nepal

I there a an outlet furniture showroom while buying furniture online from Funfurnish, Nepal?

Well – Of course!

We wouldn’t have it any other way. We insist that you visit one of our furniture outlets in Kathmandu, Nepal so you can see, sit and shake the furniture you are interested in. 

Only buy the furniture once you are totally sure that the furniture is the perfect one for you. Our on site sales team will be happy to assist you and answer any and all questions or doubts you have regarding the furniture you are out to see. 

See where our outlets are in Kathmandu below. 

Where can you buy furniture in Nepal? Can I trust an online stores?

There are furnishing and furniture stores located all over Kathmandu. If you were looking to visit a store to find furniture like beds, sofa sets, dressing tables, chairs, cabinets at the best price. Your best bet would be to find one of them in the locations below. 

  • Kumaripati 
  • Thapathali
  • Dillibazar
  • Nayabazaar

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