GA 581 from Geeken

This Office Chair is perfect for executive-level members who need a comfortable ergonomic office chair to spend hours at the desk to minimize backache, but also a strong sturdy chair that is built to last years and years.
  • Medium Back Chair
  • Cushion Arm Support
  • Swivel Tilt Mechanism
  • Gaslift Hydraulics
  • Chrome Plated Metal Base Seat Black Leathrite & Back Black Net Tapestry


Grade A office chair that will outlast any other local chairs

Tough frame built to outlast any other chair in this department. Powered by Gaslift for hydraulics and sturdy frame, and finished off with neat and quality Black Back net Tapestry.

Chrome Plated Metal Baseplate for strong and sturdy core and strong frame.

This Chair is built to last. Chrome-plated metal base seat black Lethrite.

Not just an elegant design on the outside, this chair has the best core plate of metal. You will not face a problem of maintenance on this design.

If a Comfortable Office chair is your quest, It ends here!

Dedicated back support, Cushion Arm, and a Swivel Tilt Mechanism. The ergonomic design and base support will let your back go unpunished from any back pain even after long hours, so you can continue focusing on your work and not your back.

Ace Design, on-par on class with any office chair

You don’t need to sacrifice design for a strong chair. This chair is not only sturdy and strong, but the design is unquestionably beautiful. Black tapestry and cushion go flawlessly with the chrome-plated metal packed with beauty and strength.

Pair It up

Pair it with any glass seated table in a private office or a conference room, we ensure guests will not want to get up once snug in.



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